Meet the Monaco Camelot 42KFQ

Parked at an RV park

Parked at an RV park

This 2009 Monaco Camelot 42KFQ was one of the last units produced by Monaco using the full and regular production crew. Because of pending financial issues, later builds were built by managerial and skeleton staffing. This particular coach was a show vehicle for Guaranty RV (Junction City, OR) and all breaking in was done by factory and service people. We feel that this is one of the reasons we have had very little problems with this coach, especially compared with some of the later builds.

We bought this coach new in May 2010. We had an extensive PDI done on delivery, and took delivery May 22nd. We took the coach back to Guaranty twice in the following two months for some minor repairs and adjustments. No major problems were noted or required repairs.

The coach has received all required services, receipts are available. In addition, the coach is covered under a full service warranty which will be in effect until May 2018 and is renewable. As of December 2017, mileage is approx. 64,000 miles.  No children, no pets, non smokers.

This coach has received meticulous maintenance, even down to an annual paste waxing.  Interior and exterior show only minor wear, after all, it is our home.  Any  little issues that came up were quickly and professionally handled.  In many ways, this coach is in better shape than a new one.  Just ask anyone with a new coach about initial issues….

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Last edit December 3, 2017

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