Chassis upgrades

Alignment (2011):  The Camelot when delivered had a rear axle out of alignment, resulting in prematurely worn rear tires.  The coach had a full frame alignment by Precision Frame in Minneapolis, which improved the ride tremendously.  The coach was also weighed at all corners to ensure correct tire pressures and tag axle preload.

New tires (2012): Since the rear dual were worn prematurely, and the front Goodyear G670 showed rivering (cupping), all tires (except tags) were replaced with fresh Bridgestone R250 tires.

New tires (2016):  The Bridgestone steer tires were moved to the tags, replacing the original Goodyear tires.  New Bridgestone Ecopia R268 tires were put on the steers.

Ride control and ride comfort are critical to a motor coach.  The Camelot, with its 10 airbag RR10  chassis, is considered one of the best handling coaches.  We improved it even more by adding the following:

  • Safe-T-Plus stabilizer (2010):  Helps control the front end in high winds and from trucks passing.  And, it helps maintain control in the event of a front tire blowout.
  • Custom Bilstein shocks (2013)  All 10 shocks were upgraded to Source Engineering customized Bilstein shocks.  This includes giant 63mm front shocks.  Shocks have a lifetime guarantee as well.  This gives a ride comparable to the much heavier Dynasty.  Also, the shocks have a lifetime warranty from Source Engineering.
  • Sway Bar (2013):  Installed by Roadmaster, who makes sway bars for heavy vehicles and military transports.  Really helps keep the coach level during hard turns.

Safe-T-Plus installed


One of the eight (!) rear Bilstein shocks


Bottom view of 63mm Bilstein front shock


Sway bar installed by RoadMaster


New Bridgestone R268 Ecopia on the steers