Of course, you will want to communicate with the outside world.  To that end, we have added the following:

  • WiFi hotspot (2012): WiFiRanger with amplified WiFi reception
  • Cellular WiFi (2012): 3G amplifier boost cell phone modem reception
  • Satellite (2010, 2014): HD reception thanks to a MotoSat HD self seeking dish.  It was upgraded in 2014 by adding the RF Mogul GPS controlled satellite locator. Set for DirecTV.
  • AppleTV (also works with Roku) built in (2012)
  • Inside/outside weather station (2011)
  • Latest version OTA antenna (2016)
  • Upgraded WiFiRanger SkyPro system, 3G amplifier removed (2017)
WiFi Ranger and 3G amplifier

WiFi Ranger and 3G amplifier

AppleTV and weather station

AppleTV and weather station


New picture to follow showing WFRanger SkyPro